1. A Precedent for Achievement in Planning and Producing Your Vision

When the Florence Cathedral (known formally as the Santa Maria del Fiore) was designed in 1294 no one knew how the dome—which would dwarf the Roman Pantheon--would be built. The vision, plans, and procedures to realize this architectural feat would set the precedent of the Renaissance.

The dome would require over 4 million bricks and construction methods that had never before been used. It would be the biggest dome ever built at that point in time and its construction came down to one builder: Filippo Brunelleschi. Using foresight to plan the project, and insights into building methods during its construction, he brought to life the vision of architects who only dreamt of the project’s completion more than a hundred years earlier.

Brunelleschi earned the contract by being the only builder to complete the task of balancing an egg upright on a piece of flat marble. His method was simple: he merely tapped the egg on its end hard enough to create a small indentation on which the egg could rest. This solution seemed obvious but eluded his competitors who hadn’t thought of it.

“We could have done that just as easily!” his competitors protested.
Brunelleschi replied, “Of course, and if you had my plans you could have also built the dome.”

Like Brunelleschi, M2 prizes expert knowledge of the building process and uses innovation to achieve outstanding results. M2 Construction Management provides clients in commercial, industrial, and residential sectors with planning, implementation, efficient resolution of mid-project challenges, and completion of large scale construction projects. With over 50 years of experience, M2’s team is derived from experts in concrete and general contracting for dozens of projects totalling hundreds of millions in total contract value. Achieving deadline and cost targets are paramount across all builds, maintaining a 100% success rate to managing projects successfully and with a reputation for remaining under budget. Each build sets the standard for quality and efficiency of cost and time, maintaining the integrity of clients and maximizing return on investment.

2.Confidence in Execution: Minimizing Setbacks & Managing Challenges

. . .When conventional methods failed, Brunelleschi devised new approaches including a revolutionary hoisting machine that allowed for the Florentine vision to become a reality in record time. . .

The perfect plan does not promise a project without challenges--it is one that recognizes the challenges present within the scope of big builds. Managing each project requires two things: the insight to overcome these challenges mid-project and the foresight to plan for, and minimize, their impact on the project before building. The marriage of these ideas comes from over 50 years of experience in commercial, residential, and institutional construction projects.

This experience extends from planning, to project financing, regional regulations, subcontractors, and building sectors. Accounting for potential setbacks and managing mid-project challenges results in management that provides cost reduction and deadlines achieved on target for clients.

By leveraging relationships built with local partners/trades, and implementing change orders and other mid-project strategies, M2 Construction maintains the integrity of the client’s vision without compromising cost, time, or quality to the final product.

3.Streamline Building Challenges On-Site & Within Region

. . .Florence prohibited the use of flying buttresses to support the building, forcing Brunelleschi to devise other methods of completing the dome that eluded other builders . . .

Municipal and regional restrictions can be a burden on builders. Navigating these challenges quickly and effectively reduces the time and headache to take a project to completion. Our experience in the Golden Horseshoe has developed a strong understanding of these municipal bylaw and guideline requirements.

This includes site remediation that has been subject to contamination from salt, oil, or other sources. Local expertise allows your project to be streamlined by addressing these in the planning stages rather than encountering them mid-project, preventing delays and keeping the project on an efficient schedule. Our ability to manage these obstacles and have sites certified means faster financing and saved time on projects.

4.Superior Selection of Subcontractors and Tradespeople

. . . During the historical construction of the dome, Brunelleschi would bring food to the workers and ensured they stayed hydrated so they could be content and save their energy for the duration of the project . . .

Plans are brought to life by the skilled work of teams of tradespeople. The same direction and diligence given in the planning stages extends to the selection of subcontractors. To ensure your project is executed effectively, we choose each specialty with stringent considerations.

Relationships established through previous projects are the strongest proving ground for subcontractors to meet the expectations set by M2 Construction and our clients. By working with the best teams in the region your project benefits from the efficiency of successful past projects that contribute to smoother builds and less interference mid-build.

Each team, whether partnered previously or not, are evaluated based on their reputation for high quality of work with exceptional track record of meeting deadlines. Optimizing these two criteria with reasonable cost management keeps the build on schedule and to the expectations of the client.

Finally, experience is a virtue without substitute. Our selection process requires in depth experience across key areas including the region of the build, type of build/work required, the scope of that work, and common challenges/setbacks associated with a particular project. Expertise offers insights into best methods for avoiding delays and accounting for changes mid-build.

Effective management of subcontractors ensures the top-down vision of clients, architects, and managers is maintained by each skilled worker from the bottom-up. The result is projects completed across all budget and schedule targets.

The Florence Cathedral remains the largest brick and mortar dome today, over 500 years since its construction, due in no small part to the diligence and insights Brunelleschi brought to the project. His approach set the foundation for architectural design and achievement. Likewise, M2 Construction approaches each build to set a precedent for excellence in the planning, process, and final product of each project. The result is the realization of your vision the way it was intended, to budget, and on schedule.


Construction Leaders in Golden Horseshoe

  • 50+ years experience
  • Over 1 million square feet built
  • Average contract value: $30-50 million
  • Commercial, residential, and industrial sectors

Optimized Cost & Concrete Deadlines

  • 100% of projects completed to deadline
  • Reputation for completing jobs under budget
  • Effective cost saving strategies before and during build to reduce overages and delays
  • Experts in regional regulations to streamline approvals and reduce build time

Achieving Vision & Satisfaction of Your Project

  • Plans, process, and product reflect client’s desired targets
  • Progress readily available and communicated to clients
  • Projects planned to reflect faster return on investment

Leaders in Safety, Subcontractors & Skilled Trades

  • Strong relationships with local trades
  • Highest standard of safety applied to all worksites
  • Mid-project strategies to manage cost without compromise to time or quality



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